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Dalam rangka Ulang Tahun Lembaga Bahasa dan Pendidikan Profesi (LBPP) LIA yang ke 57, LBPP LIA Purwokerto mengadakan lomba Story Telling dengan tema “Story Behind Succses”. Lomba ini diselenggarakan secara berjenjang  mulai dari tingkat kabupaten, provinsi, dan nasional. SMA N 3 Purwokerto pada tanggal 2 Oktober 2016 mengirimkan Evander Thomas (XI IPS 5) dalam ajang tersebut.

Pada lomba tersebut Evander Thomas (XI IPS 5) meraih juara 1 dan berhak melanjutkan ke tingkat nasional. Berikut ini adalah Story Telling karya Evander Thomas (XI IPS 5) :

Hi every one, my name is Evander Tomas and does anyone in this roomlike to have this US$1000watch of mine?

Thank you, so I believe that some of you wants this watch, but the thing is none-of youeven try to get it.

We live in a world where act is the key to everything, it could be the key to make something happen, it could be the key to gain some ones trusts, it could also be the key to get the thing that you want.

Ø  n  Any idea who he is?

ctly,  Extractly that is Thomas Alva Edison.

 do   And do you think that he has ever failed?

·          Well yes of course. But, he never calledit a failure.

Do you know that Edison has blown up one thousand lamps because he hasn’t succeededrealizing his idea on making a useable lamp?And other scientistswho existed that time said that Edison was crazy and that he would never succeededin making that lamp.

And then Edison replied, “I didn’t failed,I found one thousand ways to blow up lamps.”

Belief and confidence!!!

And what about you guys, what about me, what about us, what would we do if we failed?

Maybe some of you will give up because you think that it’s too hard for you, maybe some of you willtry again, and for me,if I start something ,I’ll finish it – I won’t stop until I get it right, and if I don’t get it right, I’ll start over and over again and I”ll keep on going as long as I have to, until I get it right.

Failure is just a part of success, it’s just a part of life, don’t be afraid on something that you will get in life.

v  F   Failure is knowledge and knowledge Is success.

Do it and you’ll get it.

v  A   As Jordan Belford once said

Th    The only thing standing between you and your goal. 

BU    Is the BULSHIT story you keep telling yourself,

As     As to why, you can’t achieve it.

And by bullshit means like,

“No, it’s too hard, I can’t do it.”


Well those are bullshit, those are the things, the barrier that’s keeping you from your dreams, as long as you say it then you will only be who you are now. Again, it’s about failure.

Okay, now let’s go on to another point.

How many of you use social media for communicating? Raise your hand please!

And how many of you use facebook?

Do you know who’s the person that created facebook? (Mark Zuckerberg)

So that would be this guy correct?

Do you know how much money he made in 2014?

It was about 400 Trilliun in Rupiah, and he was only thirty back then.

Zuckerberg began using computers and writing software in middle school afterhis father taught him about BASIC Programming in 1990, he was already called a prodigy at that time, and after he began classes in Harvard, he started to experiment a program that would allow people to list attributes such as their class year, their friends, and their phone numbers. And he was complained by some people because of that experiment, but again he was trying to do something different with technology, and because of the eagerness and confidence that he had, his net worth is estimated to be US$54.5 billion as of September 2016, and that ranked him as the 5th richest person in the world.

These are the quote that you may want to read.

"You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from it than not doing anything at all."

"People don't care about what you say, they care about what you build."

So, think outside the box that could lead you to anywhere you like, as long as you are inside the box then you are just you, you’ll never be more. Weird people, crazy people, those people are the people who change the world, they don’t think like others, they think about something more

You know the only fear that you should have, in this life, is fear its self, because, those who aren’t afraid to go after what they want in life are the one turn out to be successful.

Don’t let yourself, don’t let the fear inside yourself hold you back

Don’t let other people decide who you are going to be, you live your own life,

Maybe death is in the hand of God, but life is in your hand,

Find the way to create your own opportunities, decide what you want.

This is your life, so live the life you want to have.

The only one who’s holding you back, is yourself

You have a choice, every single day with what you want to do with your life

A lot of people in this world got an idea of something very brilliant,

but most of them end up doing nothing about them.

Most people are not living their dreams because of fear

Fear of taking the step,

taking that one step closer to get what they want in life.

Fear is the most destructive disease there is, fear kills dreams,

Fear kills hope, fear puts people somewhere they don’t want to be,

There is greatness in you, let the power that is inside you, outside

And make a benefit of it, don’t wait for a moment to come for you, because you have the power to make your own opportunities.

If you have a chance, take it and if you don’t build one.


I’m Evander Tomas, thank you very much every one. (-nh-)



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